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Do you have an article, manuscript, web page, or other text-based work that you would like to polish? Then you’ve come to the right place! I offer varying levels of editing based on your needs.

Simply send me an email describing your project (number of words, genre, format, etc.) and your timeline. After looking at a sample of your work, I’ll give you a commitment-free quote. I won’t begin work until we’ve agreed on a price and signed a contract.

Uncertain as to what type of editing you’re looking for? Send me an email with an explanation of your project and we will go from there.

I find it helpful to provide a explanation of the different forms of editing available to you. I’m happy to answer any questions.


Copyediting focuses on both the overall structure of your manuscript as well as the content of each line. I will evaluate the flow and organization of your work. I will make suggestions for smoothing transitions, tightening sentence structure, word choice, and clarifying any confusing passages where necessary.

Working with a style sheet—either created by me or provided by you—I will also look at  grammar, syntax, spelling, stylistic consistency, and correct citation formatting where applicable. I will check consistency, spelling, and formatting for headings, tables, appendices, and so forth. Depending on the scope and content of the project, I may also conduct fact-checking.

Copyediting usually involves two passes and is often followed by proofreading.


Proofreading is the final step of editing. Most proofreading involves checking proof pages from a publisher. It can also involve a final check of a manuscript that has gone through a round or two of copyediting to make sure all edits have been incorporated and no new errors have been introduced.

Proofreading does not usually entail suggesting re-writes of sentences, changing word choice, or anything else that would substantially change the finished product. Rather, it is for minor errors such as incorrect capitalization or bad line breaks in the printed proofs.


Basic copyediting – $.03/word

Heavy copyediting – $.05/word

Developmental editing – $.07/word

Website copyediting – $35/hour

Proofreading – $.02/word

*A final quote will be discussed and outlined in the contract before work resumes. A 50% deposit is required for new clients.

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